Corporate Training Modules


Attitudes: Self Awareness
Understanding Self: Developing right attitude
Mental blueprint for success
I can...... Change my life

Effective Communication
A Major responsibility of the management is to be careful and sensitive in communication. It is a key to the effectiveness of any organization. The ultimate cost of poor communication cannot be calculated. We cannot put a price on loss of customers, turning of a co-worker into an enemy, distress or damage to personal relationships caused by inconsiderate, harmful comments.

It's largely not the money factor that makes people work more. Potentials exist for raising an average of 30% productivity performance to a phenomenal 80% through motivation. Some organizations have reduced work force to 1/3 rd through motivation. The need is to create will and climate to do work. The key is to trickle the mind, touch the heart and train the hands.


Transformational Leadership : Managerial Styles -
speed of engine is the speed of the train. Leaders [Managers, Superiors] can make or mar an organization. Effective leadership ensures willing followers. Building a man's capacity beyond its normal limitations is what influential leaders do.


General Management
Managership: Role of a Manager
Customer delight through Customer Concerns


Team Building
Working Together, Building Successful Teams -
Two plus two is equal to five or more! Yes that's what happens with effective team work. It is capitalizing full potentials of people at work. It is synergy. Effective leaders build good teams, resolve differences, diffuse anxiety, synchronize efforts.

Time Management
Success at work and happiness at home. 80% of really productive and creative work is done in 20% of our time. Time budgeting helps us to become efficient and effective. Delegate.., Work smarter not harder.

Stress Management
One is stressed if little things irritate, have trouble sleeping, wake up tired, worry a lot, feel trapped, complain frequently. In success, 85% contribution comes with right frame of mind [stress free]. Managing stress is the key to success.


Creativity And Innovation
Most organizations expect their employees to be creative, imaginative, using ingenuity and initiative to do work differently, in more productive ways.  Eliminating limitations put by ‘the way we have always done it’ attitude,  constant search for better, creative way of accomplishing task lead to innovations.


Problem Solving and Decision Making
Managers, supervisors are primarily problem solvers and decision makers. The effectiveness of problem solving and decision depends on how methodically they gather inputs, analyse situations and apply logically.

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