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Popular Lectures (talks,presentations, orations)

  • Mr. ARVIND KHODE is regularly invited by social, professional, educational, trade, management  bodies to make crispy presentation on management based popular topics like:

    • Don't just hear... Listen! (Communication)

    • Time to relax (Time Management)

    • Having 25 hours a day! (Time Management)

    • Leader or a boss

    • Secrets of success (Developing right attitude )

    • I can,…change my life ( Developing right attitude )

    • A mental blueprint for success (Developing right attitude )

    • Speed of engine is the speed of train (Leadership )

    • Working together : Building Teams

    • 2+2 = 5 (Synergy, Team building)

    • Why people don't work (Motivation)

    • Making horse to drink water! ( Motivation)

    • Raising performance by fifty percent ( Motivation)

    • Creativity-Innovation

    • Brain dominance theory (Developing creative abilities)

    • Being extra-ordinary

He also delivers talks on

  • Plastic money (Credit Cards)

  • Ice cream... be cool… Delightfully!
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